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Permit to Carry Handgun


* The falsification of information on any of the applications for firearms permits is a violation of N.J.S. 2C:39-10c and is crime of the third degree. Any falsification may result in criminal charges against you.

A permit to carry is required for any handgun—concealed or not—and it must be renewed every 2 years. Only one permit needs to be obtained for all such handguns.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the Firearms Purchaser Identification Card and Permit to Purchase a Handgun, you must also:

1. Supply proof of your familiarity with handguns (firearms qualifications)

2. Supply three completed applications with four 2x2 photos

3. Supply a letter of need, specific in content, as to why you have a need to carry a firearm in the State of New Jersey. If this application is employment-related, then your employer must supply this letter. This shall also be notarized.

4. Supply photocopies of past permits, Firearms ID card, driver’s license and Social Security card include endorsements from three individuals attesting to your good moral character and ability to exercise self-control

5. Have a “justifiable need to carry a handgun”

6. Provide a description and serial number for every handgun you intend to carry

7. Submit a $50.00 money order made out to the "State of New Jersey — Treasurer"

Issuance of this permit is almost completely discretionary and New Jersey has a policy of strictly limiting permits to “persons specifically employed in security work…and to others who can establish an urgent necessity for carrying guns for self-protection.”

Applicants seeking permits to carry must still submit their applications in person. Applications for permits to carry are not permitted via the FARS online system.

Application For A Permit To Carry A Handgun (SP-642)

A consultation with the South Bound Brook Police Department Firearms Investigation Unit is recommended, prior to completing and submitting an Application for a Permit to Carry a Handgun.


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